A Call to Consciousness, Unity and Transformation - 2012
By nicolya christi

Mayan Prophesy and the Raising of the Vibration of the Earth and its Inhabitants

As human beings on earth we are on the cusp of an era of peace, a time the Mayans refer to as the
‘in-between’, the time of transition between the World of the Fourth Sun and the World of the Fifth Sun. Millions of people around the globe have taken part in ceremonies and gatherings to pave the way for the smooth transition to this new era - the World of the Fifth Sun. As we pass through this transition we are experiencing ongoing Earth changes including, social chaos, environmental destruction, war, financial instability and political restructuring. December 21, 2012 is the date the Mayans prophesied as a rebirth, the start of a new world. Astronomically, it is also signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligning itself with to centre of the galaxy. At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the MIlky Way and the plane of the ecliptic, forming a cosmic cross. It is said that this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a portal for cosmic energy to flow to the Earth, cleansing it and all who dwell upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration. This process has already begun, catalysed by the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and further compounded by the total solar eclipse on August 11th, 1999.

Change is accelerating and will continue to do so and the people on earth need to be prepared for this 2012 date for us to be able to rise to a higher level of consciousness. In order to do this we must transform enormous and powerful personal and global issues that could stand in the way. Many people, influenced by some sensationalist Western interpretations of the Mayan Prophesies, believe that the world will end at the winter solstice 2012. This is not so. Humanity will continue, but in a different way. According to historian, anthropologist, Mayan priest and spiritual guide Carlos Barrios (Eagle Clan) “We are living in the most important era of the Mayan calendars and prophecies. All the prophecies of the world, all the traditions, are converging now. There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal of this era is action. Many powerful souls have reincarnated in this era, with a lot of power. This is true on both sides, the light and the dark. High magic is at work on both sides”. Change is needed and change will happen, but it’s up to each one of how difficult or easy this experience will be. These changes have to be experienced on both a personal and group/global level. Human beings need to come together to amplify their individual light and raise their vibration, in order to be able to support each other and the planet.

The current world crisis situation is set and well established, controlled by those who are aligned with the darker forces. Destruction or overpowering of such is not the way forward. We must approach this with open heartedness, love and concentrated infusions of the vibration and light we are amplifying by personal and group work for the raising of personal and planetary consciousness. As Carlos Barrios tells us, “We need to work together for peace and balance. Everyone who is here now has an important purpose. This is a hard, but a special time. We have the opportunity for growth, but we must be ready for this moment in history. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet. It is important to be clear about who you are. Great teachers have said from the beginning; Find your heart and you will find your way”.

Why Past Life Therapy? More Importantly Why Now?

“You are in the process of being reformed and refined from the deepest core level. Remember, we have told you that you are no longer moving into the future in linear time/space reality. You are becoming multidimensional and you are moving back in time healing the past as you go forward on the spiral of the future”.
Archangel Michael through Rona Herrman. July ‘08

Many therapies have emerged offered to us by the higher dimensional healing legions to assist our rapid and thorough healing and transformation. I work as a Clairgnostic - which means I ‘know’ without knowing how I know. This ‘knowing’ is the way I work and currently calls me to two main areas of personal healing and transformational work. One of these is Spirit Releasement Therapy; SRT, a process by which those of us who are unwitting ‘hosts’ to earthbound spirits (up to 70% of human beings can be unaware of attachments -  see my web site or read Edith Fiore’s books to learn more on this subject) are released from these uninvited ‘guests’ who are sent back to the Light/Home/Other side. The other essential healing technique which I will talk of in this paper is Past Life Therapy, PLT.

Even though this method of healing has been around for some time, it has become a significant key, along with SRT, in the process of coming Home to the Self, in a necessarily accelerated way as we hurtle through time to this 2012 threshold. Experiencing a past life therapy session (or several) can produce profound results and life changing experiences in both our relationship to ourselves and those we are connected to. Long term ailments, fears, phobias, blocks, dysfunctional patterns, feelings of unease with or dislike of others, allergies, deja vu, ‘addictions’, depression, obesity, low self esteem, extreme emotions, poverty, suffering, victimhood, and perhaps even conditions like anorexia, etc, can be effectively and successfully treated and eliminated by exploring our past lives. We are being guided by the higher dimensions to clear the past. We cannot move forward until we do so. Conventional psychotherapies and counselling focus on our historical stories from childhood, even womb experience. Yet, we carry all that has gone before into the womb and into the world when we are born.

We can spend many years in traditional therapies and gain much understanding of the the reasons why certain patterns recreate over and over again. However, despite all this knowledge the patterns often don’t go away and people begin to believe that they have to learn to live with them and just appreciate the insights they have gained. These insights allow us to chip away at the outer layers of our issues, but tend not to take us into the core of these issues which often originate from our past lives.

It is possible to heal past life trauma through some psychotherapeutic therapies, however it remains the exception rather than the rule. Deep down inside we all long to be free of that which restricts our expression as joyful and autonomous humans beings and we can carry a deep disappointment at what we may perceive to be our own limitations in stepping out of dysfunctional or restrictive patterns and into the fullness of who we are. Many times I have heard those that I have journeyed with explain away their anxieties, suffering and discontent saying “It’s my karma” and to a large degree, yes, that may be the case and we have this life, now to balance past thought and actions. Through past life work we can go back and remember the forgiveness we gave to or received from others in the bardo (Home) and how we forgave ourselves. Why is it that we forget that the forgiveness and therefore resolution we may currently seek, we have already experienced? Why is it that we each carry the need for such? I will talk more of this later on.

Following a past life session, we can seek out those in this life who we recognised from our regression and either physically or mentally offer our apologies and ask for their forgiveness. For those we need to forgive, we can do exactly the same, for when we explore a past life we also see the wisdom and the gift of the experiences we had no matter how harrowing or traumatic. One of the wonderful examples of proof of how deeply healing and transformative this work can be is when those with whom we share our current lives and with whom we may have been in disharmonious relationship suddenly behave differently towards us, with a softness and acceptance that was not there before the regression. The reason for this is that we are all telepathically linked and as we free ourselves from old patterns and consciously settle old scores, so others can do the same without ever knowing that we have journeyed back in time healing old wounds and clearing old contracts between us.

Everything is Possible
We live in incredible times from a human history perspective and everything is now possible to enable us to really free ourselves from old stuck patterns and karmic obligations. We no longer have to wait until we have passed over to seek or offer forgiveness, redemption or understanding from those whose paths we may have crossed. Neither must we wait to leave our bodies before we can find self acceptance, self forgiveness or self love. In the past, this was the case as in the higher dimensions there is no judgement only unconditional love, compassion, empathy and wisdom. Therefore the understanding and forgiveness experienced was as natural in that dimension as the air we breathe in this one. Whole life times were wasted in regret, remorse, self hate, anger, vengeful thoughts and actions, hostility, isolation and loneliness as we were caught, unconsciously, in deeply entrenched negative patterns built up over life times.

When we return ‘Home’ to where we originally come from and to where we shall return at the end of this earthly life, we are shown everything we experienced when we were here on earth. We see all the goodness, help and joy we have bought to the world and all the harm, upset or injustices we may have caused others. We are shown every word, action or deed whilst in our physical, earthly bodies. A wise, compassionate and loving being sits with us as we review the life we have just departed. We are able to seek out those who are in the Spirit realm to offer and receive forgiveness. We feel no sense of shame or judgement, nor do we judge ourselves or others. The all pervading energy and atmosphere is one of divine loving understanding. In this dimension we are able to feel the magnitude and beauty of who we are. We recognise that we are Love. We continue with our learning and growth.

Coming Back/Reincarnating
If and when we choose to incarnate to this dimension again, we sit with a magnanimous being/guide to chart and plan the life circumstances we need for our soul’s evolution. The life we plan is one of our own design. It is entirely our choice. Our spirit guide/teacher will offer suggestions, however it is our decision and we are fully and lovingly supported in that. We can take the slow path and make it an easier or very unconscious life or we can take the path of great challenges to accelerate our soul’s development and in so doing potentially reduce any need for return visits to the earth in the near/far future. Whatever we choose it will be the perfect life we need to further our evolutionary journey.

In that place of Home, we are so in touch with the love, beauty and wisdom of our core essence that we may willingly choose to take on immensely challenging life circumstances. These will allow us to evolve into the divine spiritual beings that we are with maximum speed. We understand the purpose of the choices we make as we plan our re-entry into the physical dimension. It makes perfect sense and the purpose of the life ahead that we plan is crystal clear to us when in spirit. However, the impact of this third dimension means we forget that we chose the suffering or difficulties we encounter and we fall into victim mentality, dis-empower ourselves and lose our compass. Here’s how it begins.

When we incarnate entering the ‘preverbal’ stage of our development as an infant, the environment impacts in a profound way. We immediately become influenced by the dense third dimensional vibration of the earth and rapidly begin to adjust and align to it, having just arrived from the higher dimensions. Our parents or primary caregivers impact on us enormously and very quickly we begin to be conditioned to a vastly different reality, for we are back in the realm of karma and learning. The earth is like a spiritual university for some, a school or kindergarten for others, depending on one’s level of development. This is the realm we incarnate into to learn about emotions, feelings and love and how to create heaven on earth. We come from love in its purest expression and incarnate to a dimension (earth) which is a hotch potch of energies. We act out, attract, recreate and project all that needs healing in us. Energetically, it could be compared to listening to the most exquisite and harmonious piece of music (spirit world/Home) and suddenly being in the middle of billions of musicians, bands, groups, playing all kinds of music all at the same time. An energetic cacophony!

The Soul’s Evolution
The earth is a wonderful gauge for many of us because having come from pure unconditional love in the higher dimensions, by coming to the earth we are able to measure how far we are along the path of our own evolution and how we are able to live the higher dimensional reality of pure loving consciousness here in the earth realm. My sense is that when we come into a place of living on earth as if in heaven, we have completed our learning here and are free to move on and choose other experiences when we leave our body. At that stage, we can choose to return and dedicate ourselves to helping others. This means we again become immersed in the conditioning from infancy to young adulthood and thus spend a portion of our earth time de-conditioning in order to reconnect with the purity of heart we attained in the previous incarnation. As evolved souls who have made that choice to return and help others with our wisdom, we may incarnate into far more conducive circumstances and find ourselves well integrated at an earlier age following enough healing work to bring us back to full awareness. We can choose to dwell in the higher dimensions offering ourselves as teachers and guides for humanity, in which case we will find earthbound sources through which to channel who will pass on our wisdom and guidance to the world or we may choose to explore other higher dimensional realities as we continue our soul’s journey all the way to union with Source.

Antagonists/Significant Others - A Curse or a Blessing?
Upon our arrival here in the third dimension we are like a blank canvas with our soul’s mission intact and in place ready to unfold. In order for us to catalyse our ‘divine plan’ in terms of the life we have mapped out for ourselves whilst here on earth, we must first encounter the ‘triggers’. These are our families and authority figures who will set the scene to allow our ancient wounds to be reopened and remembered, so that we may resolve and integrate on a personal level what we have come here to heal. This allows old grievances to rise to the surface, to be experienced, expressed, misunderstood or unmet by others. This forces us to seek ways of understanding and integrating, which is where therapies of one kind or another become very helpful. There are great bonds of love between those whom we have entered into ‘soul contracts’ with, those with whom we do battle, as we each fulfil our contractual roles.  When we come to a point of realising our antagonists are our teachers, not just as a mental concept, but by feeling it in our hearts to the point where we can bless them, this is a great moment on our personal journey. For it shows that we have completed those contracts and the gift is to be able to enjoy the deep love we hold for that person in our heart and soul, with all feelings of emotional charge gone.

However, as babies we have no cognitive skills, intellectual capacity or intuitive development to recognise that those in our environments who are causing our discomfort and suffering are merely reactivating old wounds, patterns and issues that we have reincarnated with. These ‘antagonists’ from our childhood and teens invoke our life plan. These ‘significant others’ are truly our teachers, as we are theirs, for we must be opened by life’s betrayals for the deepest healing and transformation to occur. As infants we cannot evaluate and respond to what is occurring. As young children and teenagers what we do is react and act out. We blame and we become victims. Without the light of consciousness this behaviour continues even up to our deaths in old age - if we make it that far.

The Original Wound - Returning to How it all Begins
Owing to our vulnerability and dependence as infants, we are at the mercy of environmental factors and entirely dependent upon our primary caregivers. We look to them for cues as to ‘how it works’ in this dimension and we begin to mimic the behaviour of those around us in order for our survival needs to be met, to fit in and not be rejected. One woman I journeyed with described an awareness she had of learning not to cry as an infant in case she was sent away, like her brother, because her mother could not cope with a crying baby. To a baby, being taken from its mother and family is a death. We are born with highly developed survival instincts and adapting our behaviour begins the moment we perceive a threat to our survival, well being or possible rejection. Those taken into care and fostered or adopted (including myself) have a particularly painstaking task ahead of them if they choose, as a conscious adult, to unravel their current life history back to infant hood and heal the deepest wound - the wound of separation. For this is the ‘original’ wound, also referred to as ‘the primal wound’, which each and every one of us carry - ‘Separation from Source’.

Our First Loss
We are highly intelligent beings during infancy and in that preverbal phase we quickly learn what pleases our caregivers, at the expense of our own needs and truth. Not doing what is expected of us, more often than not brings with it unpleasant consequences. During that first two-year window of our new life on earth we start to become conditioned, adapted and learn how to hide our needs and our true feelings. In so doing, we begin to ‘forget’ our personal and worldly purpose - what we really came here to be and to do. We start to lose our connection with that place of ‘knowing’ within. We lose ourselves and the remembrance of the truth of who we are.

The degree of conditional love or presence we experience from our parents or caregivers will dictate the power of the internalised emotional ‘charge’ that anchors into our energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies. At this tender age and in this new body we are unfamiliar with this emotional charge because in the world of Spirit we do not experience emotion - we are pure Love. However, locked in our cellular and soul memory will be our own historical, as well as ancestral trauma and patterning. The energy of this unfamiliar emotional charge impacts our delicate and fragile, newly unfolding inner self. Because it is an unknown energy to us in our current incarnation, we do not know how to express it because we are not encouraged or shown how to. Therefore we internalise this charge, which builds layer upon layer, until the reason for the original ‘charge’ is lost to our conscious memory, buried under further accumulated layers of internalised, negative and unexpressed emotional ‘charge’. In order to free ourselves of this charge we need to trace back through these accumulated layers to the original charge. This is not within our capacities as infants, toddlers, young children or teenagers. It is only if we become conscious, aware adults that we can begin to journey back in time, through this life and further back into other lives.

As infants we are able to cry and scream as a response to our basic survival needs. As we develop into toddler hood, we start to feel impulses to cry and scream as a reaction to this ‘charge’, a charge we have no intelligent understanding of. For example, at 18 months we do not have a thought that allows us to say how angry we are with mother for hitting us in the supermarket for becoming distressed or how upset we are at being shouted at for not being easy to feed that morning.

The usual behaviour of our parents or caregivers is to ‘react’ and shout or scream back, cry, become stressed or even hit us, thus blasting more negative emotional charge into our energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies. This cycle continues throughout our early years into young adulthood. At this stage of our lives it tends to continue by attracting more of the same for we now believe that this is the norm and we behave reactively to ourselves (self sabotage/self abuse/self hate) or we become abusive, difficult and troublesome towards others. Could it be that the so called ‘terrible two’s’ or ‘rebellious teens’ may be our unconscious attempts at releasing some of the charge we feel inside? However, because it is done without consciousness, like attracts like and the exposure to further negative emotional charge escalates.

This sad and traumatising cycle continues beyond teens and into adulthood until we reach a place in our lives where we seek professional help through various forms of therapies. By our teens, the majority of us are filled to overflowing with painful emotions and this is where patterns of self destruction and destructive behaviour really begin to come into play as we turn those powerful, excruciating emotions in on ourselves. Because of the lack of a safe place to express our painful feelings, we project these emotions onto others. More and more often these strongly charged emotions are being projected onto innocent bystanders who pose no threat, beginning with bullying at home, on the streets, in the playground and as we are increasingly seeing in the growing gun and knife culture amongst adolescents and preteens.

It shows itself in domestic violence, crime and terrorism. Nation against nation, brother against brother, sister against sister. We have only to look at the heart breaking cruelty to animals and nature to see where much of this unconscious, devastatingly powerful ‘charge’ gets projected.

We Have Forgotten The Truth
That pure and intact wholeness of being and awareness of purpose that we each incarnate with is lost to most of us by the time we hit puberty, usually years before. Instead of the pure bundles of love we arrived as fresh from source, by adolescence we have lurched way over to the other side of the spectrum carrying deeply painful feelings experienced as hatred and disdain of self or fear of others or of the world. We no longer have any concept of our authentic and true self, which remains buried under the layers that began to build when we were infants. Instead we develop what psychotherapy terms;  an ‘adapted’ self, a psychological defence mechanism we put in place from the earliest age in order to survive infancy, toddler hood, our childhood and teens.

We forget the truth of who we are, why we are here and what we came here to do. We lose our sense of autonomy and uniqueness. We become strangers to ourselves and because this cycle repeats throughout most of humanity, we find ourselves surrounded by people who have also been through this experience of soul amnesia.  We are strangers living amongst strangers, relating to ourselves and each other inauthenticity without any real idea of who we truly are. The glimpses afforded to us are those rare moments when our guard drops (adapted self is literally caught off guard) as our heart (authentic self) responds for a brief moment before retreating back into the safety of hiding.

Often one is most in touch with the true self when first in love, when a baby is born or when a loved one is very ill or dying. In other words, extreme emotional situations will call the heart forward before we find ourselves again slipping back into the numbness of our everyday lives. The question of how to live from the heart, (the true self) all the time is answered by stepping onto the path of self-awareness, self-development and self-love. As we embrace a more psychologically aware and spiritual practice, we do not need to wait for highly charged emotional experiences to open us to ourselves and others. We begin to remember and get to know ourselves for who we truly are living that each day. For this specific reason profound healing methods like PLT are needed.

Sadly, most people continue to live from ‘forgetfulness’ throughout their lives and pass over deeply unfulfilled, confused, exhausted and lonely, even if they are surrounded by people and ‘material acquisitions. As they take their last breath they still have no idea of the glorious and magnificent beings they were at the moment of incarnation and are poised to re-encounter when they step through the thin veil that stands between this dimension and the higher realms.

For these souls it takes passing to the other side/Home for them to ‘remember’ who they are and the purpose of the life they have just departed. When a soul is in their life review, after they have discarded the physical body, they soon realise that in order to move along the evolutionary path they may choose to come back again with the same life lessons, hoping that next time they can move through those early years of conditioning into self-awareness and thus fulfil their soul’s mission. We may not follow the same life circumstances as before, i.e., great material wealth, poverty, illness, wellness, success, etc. We may choose something quite different. However, the life lessons remain the same and the life chosen will be one that will bring us to a point of questioning through unfulfillment. It is the individual soul’s choice as to whether they respond to that questioning in a positive and life affirming way or whether they decide to stop the question from arising by becoming numb and pursuing a life of false security rather than fulfilment.

The Shift of Ages
As I have already mentioned, we are poised at a pivotal time in human history as we shift ‘ages’ from Pisces to Aquarius and as the Mayan Calendar nears its completion in 2012. There are intense and powerful energetic shifts, excessively high frequencies and planetary vibrational transformations taking place as I write this and you read it. To adapt to these and other astronomical changes our bodies are altering their frequency to correspond with the changes of the earth’s resonance. Many sensitive people are feeling the impact of all these planetary shifts at a physical level with challenging physical symptoms, including, exhaustion, dizziness, shaking, memory loss, headaches, nausea, a need to withdraw and general ups and downs with overall health. You must have noticed that it feels like there are not enough hours in the day and that whole sections of time seem to be disappearing.

New World Vision - 2012
As our planet experiences these intense shifts then so do we. Many of us are feeling an urgent need to heal ourselves, find ourselves, come home to ourselves, to know and live our Truth. In these incredible times we are able to do so with lightning speed. Many therapies have emerged in the last five to ten years to facilitate rapid transformation as we literally race against the clock to 2012. Even if our conscious mind has no concept or understanding, our unconscious mind and our psyche is aware of the fundamental importance of humanity’s need to ‘wake up’, to ‘awaken’. According to spiritual sources, it requires a specific amount of people to have done so in order for the collective shift of consciousness to take place in 2012. Those who have done this will assist the ‘mass’ when they ‘wake up’ at some point late December 2012, perhaps scratching their heads and wondering what is going on! My sense is that the real and fundamental changes, shifts and transformations will be stirring deep within the collective unconscious and that over a period of time, world consciousness will unfold in ways unknown for aeons. Seeds are being sown pre 2012 and the blossoming is post 2012.

My understanding is that our collective mission is to recreate heaven on earth. Once this is achieved then ascension is a wholly natural phenomenon. I do believe that through a lack of consciousness on a collective level we are headed for disaster. Through gnosis, I know that these next four years hold the key to a new world vision and everyone of us who is engaged in raising our own consciousness or facilitating that in others, is helping to ensure this next step for man/womankind is made possible.

The Bow and Arrow Effect
Returning to the subject of past life work. Using what happens to us from infants to teens as an analogy of the ‘layering’ process that takes place, we can say that a similar process occurs when continuous incarnations build upon the previous ones. In times gone by, we did not have the consciousness or tools at our disposal to explore and heal past lives in the way we do today. An important component of depth healing includes reaching back into the past to seek out the original wound (like the original layer of internalised emotional charge we experience as new-borns that I spoke of earlier) which can require us to make several past life journeys to reach the original core wound. Healing so far back in time can propel us forward like a rocket in terms of our development. Imagine a bow and arrow and how far back the arrow must be taken, to the maximum point of tension, before it is released to travel as far forward as is possible at tremendous speed. This is vital and necessary if we are to heal ancient and current traumas that to this day may still dictate and control our lives.
Heaven on Earth: For The Self and for the Collective
There is another crucial point to make about choosing to explore and heal our past lives and that is to do with ancestral healing. To not keep putting too fine a point on it, we are poised on the threshold of great change, both personally and on a planetary scale for all the reasons mentioned earlier (there are probably several more as well). So we live in a time where we are able to fully remember who we are, where our edges are, where the healing is needed and equally as important, we have the means by which to achieve this. Because of this exciting and never before experienced course humanity is taking, many highly evolved souls have been incarnating since the latter part of the 19th century, increasing dramatically in the 20th century. My sense is that the 21st century is bringing in a whole wave of very highly evolved souls who do not have to  experience clearing or preparation work that the earlier waves had to do. However, amongst humanity stand many, many evolved souls, who not only have chosen to commit themselves to finding heaven on earth within themselves but remain dedicated to that as their worldly mission.

This has required great courage, humility and honesty in each of these people as they peel away the layers of the conditioning and impact of the environment that they have been raised in. Such souls are also processing much for the collective, including acting as channels for the intense frequencies bombarding our planet at this time. This can be likened to lightning seeking out trees in order to earth a charge.

Ancestral Wounding/Ancestral Healing
However, there is another choice these souls have made and that is to be the ‘torch bearers’, the ‘light bearers’ for their ancestors. Anyone who is on a path of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-healing has stepped forward and volunteered to help heal the ancestral lineage in which they incarnated. Every family has a pattern, for some it’s alcohol, others it’s illness, others poverty, others abuse and so on. The ‘torch bearer’ for any given family has volunteered to take on and work through the family pattern - the “It ends here” pledge. For the ancestors that are being healed and freed of karma, it means that if they choose to reincarnate, their vibration and consciousness will be raised enough to come to earth school and continue to learn, grow and evolve in the new vibrational field and consciousness that will be our planet, post 2012. Because of those ‘torch bearers’ who stand at the front of the ancestral and current life family, offering to clear these historical patterns and traumas through themselves, ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over will have a choice as to whether to return to the ‘new earth’ or move to somewhere else that will support their journey back to union with Source.

Often, I can see an enormous crowd gathered behind those with whom I work. As with my own healing journey, at any given time, I can sense what is being worked through at an ancestral level. Recent examples are the womb healing of women ancestors and the exhaustion of both sexes which is the result of the harshness and hardship of their lives in other times. Our ancestral patterning runs deep and it takes great self awareness and self discipline to discern ‘what is mine and what belongs to the family pattern which is releasing through me’. Often the ancestral wounds mirror our own, exaggerating and exacerbating our own experiences. When one is sensitive enough one can distinguish between what may be a past life trigger and what is an ancestral clearing moving through. I often sense and see great crowds gathered behind me, looking to me to utilise what is available in this third dimension to heal their acquired third dimensional wounds. If ancestors have a chance for someone who is incarnate to represent them, this can be as good an opportunity as being here themselves, for as we look to our departed loved ones for guidance and healing, so too do they look to us for the same.

Touched by an Angel
You may wonder why it is if heaven is so full of love that we don’t automatically heal when we cross over. We do! However, we reincarnate to further our soul’s journey and to rise to a call to create heaven on earth. The earth is the dimension where we learn through emotional experiencing, therefore re-encountering third dimensional conditioning which causes us to ‘forget’ who we are and why we are here in our early lives. I am reminded of a story explaining the purpose of the ‘shush’ mark above our lips (the indent directly between our top lip and our nose). This is the spot the angels are said to touch at our moment of incarnation whispering softly, “Shush” as our conscious memory is gently prepared, minus memories of all past incarnations and the higher dimensions from which we are arriving. (There are some who do remember glimpses of a past life and Home when in the first few years here, yet the memory usually fades through conditioning and/or lack of appropriate response from our parents/caregivers when relaying our memories).

So forgetting appears to be an essential component of our early human experiences. Why might this be? One reason for this could be that if we were to remember some of the terrible things we may have done or harrowing experiences we may have had in past lives we would be too traumatised, for in those early years we simply are not mentally or emotionally equipped to manage such memories. If we remembered how beautiful and wonderful ‘Home’/Spirit Realm is would we even want to be here? We might end our lives in order to return never freeing ourselves from what Buddhists refer to as ‘the wheel of death and rebirth’. Importantly, we heal best by revisiting the source of the wound, where it originates, in the case of all incarnating humans, the third dimension.

Every memory we have ever had, every life, every experience is stored in our unconscious and is accessible through an approach like PLT. We are also able to access these memories through dreams, visions catalysed by altered states of consciousness induced, for example by, holotropic breathwork, shamanistic practices, rebirthing and meditation to name but a few. As we connect more and more with our true selves, we begin to form a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious mind and spontaneous memories from this and former lives can arise. When this occurs we can be sure that the psyche knows we are strong enough, emotionally mature and grounded enough to sit with, process and integrate what is wanting to be known to aid our development. At this stage, one is usually working deeply on oneself with the support of a skilled life guide, therapist or spiritual mentor.

Forgetting to Remember
Psycho-synthesis speaks of ‘Identifying in order to Disidentify’. We forget in order to remember. For it is in the forgetting that we seek that something which each of us feels is missing. For those of a less developed awareness the search for that missing something is outside of themselves. We have only to look at the consumer, drugs, alcohol and media obsessed culture we live in to see evidence of this. All these aspects of our current culture are designed to anaesthetise us, to stop us from asking ourselves the fundamental question of what is missing at a deeper level. However, a growing number, whose feelings of personal discontent and alienation from the ways of the world ask the very questions that those who wield the control and power are afraid of being asked. These are the people who will find truth, both within and in terms of the dysfunctional way the planet is run. This is when the real meaning and purpose of our lives unfolds. We remember ‘for what purpose this life’ and in so doing we become forces for personal and planetary consciousness, unity and transformation.

Post 2012 we have the opportunity to shift from a third dimensional consciousness to a fifth dimensional consciousness. We need to do as much human healing in these next four years as we can, not just for ourselves, but also for those we are sharing this planet with, those that have gone before and for those to come. I don’t believe we will wake up on the morning of the 22 December 2012 and experience the world as vastly changed. However, I do sense that the blueprint for humanity’s collective journey on this planet will have upgraded and shifted, been redefined. I see 2012 as the threshold, the gateway for this new blueprint to anchor, and in time we shall bear witness to it establishing and beginning to create the transformation foretold by all great spiritual traditions throughout the history of our world.

To conclude with more words of wisdom from Carlos Barrios. “The light is within us; let us work for our destiny - our destiny to better the human race. Let us become more aware of our actions; let us be more compassionate to our fellow human beings and to ourselves”.

Nicolya Christi is a Clairgnostic and is the pioneer of Psychic Life Coaching and Psychic Counselling Target Therapy. She has been hearing and seeing Spirit since childhood and has been working professionally as a ‘Channel’ for over twenty years. She has a B.Msc (Bachelors degree) in metaphysical sciences. Nicolya completed a three year training in Psycho-Synthesis psychotherapy and studied Core Process psychotherapy, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) and Past Life Therapy, (PLT). Nicolya conducts Future Life Progression sessions, a process that takes one into future existence’s to remember why they are experiencing current life issues, which have their roots in past lives and how to resolve them through the understanding and knowledge held in those future lives. She is an ordained minister (Rev.) in the world-wide international metaphysical ministry and is duly ordained to perform marriage, baptism, funeral and all other rites of passage. She has explored diet, nutrition and the body/mind relationship for over 25 years. Nicolya is currently completing the final year of a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences. She teaches the art of ‘Manifestation’ and ‘Creating Reality Consciousness’. She is an ongoing student of A Course In Miracles (the channelled writings of The Christ) and Sufism - the core message of which is Unconditional Love and Living From the Heart. She is inspired by Tibetan Buddhism/Culture and gently influenced by the teachings of the Dalai Lama and Gandhi. Her work is supported by several ‘unseen’ spiritual teachers, guides and councils.

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What to expect:
During a past life session you need to be as comfortable as possible, so I always advise that you are in a reclined position, either in bed, or on a chair with your feet up and covered with a blanket. Have a glass of water, a note pad and a pen to hand, for any notes you might want to jot down immediately after the session. Make sure that under no circumstances will you be disturbed. Unplug the telephone, lock the doors, close the windows if it is noisy outside and ensure that the room you are in is secure. You do not want someone barging in as you are about to be beheaded during the french revolution! During the session I will take all notes and can type them up and e-mail to you, if you would like a copy.

I will guide you into a very deeply relaxed state, otherwise known as an hypnotic state. Many people who have not experienced this state are wary that they are going to be ‘put under’ and will have no control until they are ‘bought out of it’. This is not the case. You maintain full control at all times. You may be surprised as you will still feel very conscious and present. The only difference is that you have entered into a very open state due to being in a mode of deep relaxation therefore having access to deeper aspects of your mind and unconscious. At any time you are able to stop the session if you choose without any concern of an adverse effect or being under any kind of control. Forget all those Paul Mckenna programmes you may have watched as that is a very different form of hypnosis and used for so called ‘entertainment’ purposes.

Imagine how you feel when you wake up from a really restful sleep or nap - you are in total control and can sit up and get on with your life when you choose to. That is how it will feel. Many people, surprised by the fact that they have not ‘gone under’ and are very present and in control of their past life regression, wonder if they have made up the past life, been overactive with their imaginations. What I say to such questions is this. Ultimately, whether it is a real or imagined past life, the absolute purpose is for a deep healing to occur. Whatever story that may arise, real or imagined is the soul’s need for expression (this can be a safe way to peel back those layers I speak of that go back to infancy and further back). Trust that it is a story that needs to be told, to be heard, to be witnessed, expressed. It is in the telling of the story that the subtle or profound shifts and healing can and do occur. It’s important to hold an open mind and trust that what is meant to surface is guided by the wisdom of your higher self - which only wants healing and wellness for you. I will add that past lives have an uncanny way of letting us know how true they are and you will know in your cells if it was truly a life from the past. Whatever you feel at an instinctual level, know that it is the telling of the story that emerges when the psyche is given the opportunity to speak, that offers the greatest healing.

Psychologically, we can hold deep, unexpressed trauma (often inexpressible in its original real life story form as this can be too distressing and potentially damaging if you are not ready to open it up as it really happened) and working in this way may be your psyche’s  way of safely discharging and working through something of a harrowing, frightening or potentially re-traumatising nature. A little like how psychic surgery works in a way that conventional surgery doesn’t, psychic psychological surgery works in the same way in the respect that it is able to facilitate very deep healing in a way that conventional psychotherapeutic approaches are often not able to.
I will guide you, without offering any personal opinion as to any previous lives you may have had. I simply respond to what you share with me by asking you pertinent questions to help facilitate your memory of what you are seeing. My questions will help support you to go more into the detail of the past life you are experiencing so that you may re-experience that which may be at the root cause of a current life issue. At all times you are calm, relaxed and in control. When you bring your awareness back into your room, in your current life, you will feel very relaxed. Depending on how much time is left, we may talk about what you experienced, otherwise we will set a time and date to do that. Some people like to talk about what they experienced to help to ground it, whilst others like to hold onto the energy of it and reflect and then speak at a later date. Everyone I have ever worked with in this way has found it to be fascinating, healing, enlightening and impactful. Often just one past life journey will clear up or begin to clear a current issue, other times one past life journey paves the way for more important ones to come. How few or how many sessions are needed only your soul knows.  All past life journeys result in some gift of awareness or positive result, be that at the time of the session or often weeks later.



New Universe - ‘a channelling from my future Self’ by nicolya christi - www.nicolyachristi.com

This information is channelled from my ‘future’ self’. The wisdom that speaks through me is from my experience and awareness of the place I arrived from when I incarnated here. I hope what I share with you serves to remind all those that read this where you are heading.

In your current universe you are shifting from a third-dimensional to fifth dimensional consciousness. Many perceive that Gaia is ascending which from a consciousness perspective is a fact and yet as a planetary consciousness she is being reborn, birthed into a new universe, a fifth to ninth dimensional consciousness.

On new earth we have transcended karma so there is no cause and effect as there’s no need for it. Your existing earth, that sits in your current universe, is a place where humans incarnating with third dimensional karma learn through suffering. You are on your current earth to learn compassion, empathy and unconditional love and best seem to do this through the experience of suffering. Even your great spiritual teachers have suffered in order to teach you and show the way forward. Buddha, Jeshua (Jesus), Gandhi, the Dalai Lama to name but a few. All of these beings suffered, as to be alive on your current earth and not to suffer is not possible due to her contract with the Higher Intelligence that governs all life, as well as the contracts that millions of incarnating souls have made with her through their choice to be here.

Your earth has made great sacrifices in order for humans to grow and evolve, for in her willingness to allow a place for learning through suffering, she has bought great suffering upon herself. Like any devoted mother, she has sacrificed her own needs to be able to meet the needs of evolving sentient beings. However, with any sacrifice comes great rewards, if not in a single life time then in another. Your earth is about to receive those rewards for she is to move through a portal and rebirth into an entirely new expression and experience.

As your earth moves from a third to fifth evolving consciousness into a new life on a fifth to ninth dimensional level, all that she has known before in terms of suffering will have been left behind her. Think of it a little like someone who has come from a life of suffering and has evolved into a highly developed individual. If they choose to reincarnate they do so into a far more harmonious and complimentary life. So it is with Gaia as she is near to completing her current life cycle in your existing universe. Your earth is close to her rebirth and you can sense and will feel the labour pains as your existing universe pushes her forward through the void and into the new universe awaiting her arrival.

In this new universe we are vibrating through fifth to ninth dimensional consciousness. All the heavenly bodies in your existing universe can be found here, along with many others you are not yet aware of. These existing planets, galaxies, star systems, etc, are of a far higher expression. The higher vibrational energy of new universe transmutes the suffering known in your existing universe. Here we learn through Love, not suffering. The new universe and the new earth is a place where humans learn and grow through Love.

The Brain, Technology and Communications

As we evolve from the fifth to ninth dimension we are capable of things that in your current existence you can only dream about or watch in science fiction films. Those who are further along their journey, between the 5th and 9th dimensions, experience greater portions of brain activity and D.N.A. activation. Amazing feats are possible including; Teleporting - travel through thought to anywhere we choose both on our planet and off. We have highly advanced communication systems, a superior version of your old telecommunications systems, and thought field communications is central to this. We do not have ‘television’, mobile or land phones or any microwave technology. Instead of switching on a box to watch tv, we have a system in place that allows us contact and communication with highly evolved beings that live throughout the new universe, a sort of ‘outernet’ as opposed to the ‘internet’ of the 3D earth. Because our brain is more developed we are able to communicate through telepathy, therefore we have no need for telephones, as all we need to do is think of another or an off the planet being and link in. We are very aware of our multifaceted beingness and are able to communicate from many aspects of our multidimensionality at  any one time. Within our brain lies a crystal transmitter that is linked to one of our dimensional heavenly rulers (Great Star) and to our inner planetary Crystalline Star Core. I will speak more on this later.

Health. Emotions. Sexuality

In the new universe and on our new earth there is no sickness because there is no suffering. Third dimensional learning has been transcended. There are no governmental or private health care systems because there is no illness and therefore no need of such, We do not  age in our new universe, indeed we choose the age which we resonate well with. We have little interest in our outer appearance, save for the pleasure and joy we experience when gazing upon the light that shines from ourselves or others. It is the strength of this radiating light that is a measure of the attained refinement and consciousness of ourselves or others.

We do not feel your emotions of fear, inadequacy, envy, jealousy or pain, when we encounter the advanced states others show themselves to be through this radiating light. Instead we feel encouraged and inspired to be met with role models who’s message reminds us of what we too can become. This light is magical and renders everyone as beautiful for it is golden and soft and shines from the heart and eyes. The more radiant the light, the more advanced a being is and yet at its least radiant we still experience upliftment and joy when encountering such.

We do not have emotions, we are pure feeling. We have transmuted the many emotions of your old reality. We are open, inspired, loving, accepting and unconditionally loving toward ourselves and others. We continue to experience sexual energy, which has become vastly refined and is located in the heart centre. Because we don’t have emotions, we do not experience our sexuality from an emotional level. We instead experience our sexual energy as an outpouring of pure love, an exchange of high vibrational energy. We are enveloped in a pulsating array of varying light, sounds and colours. Orgasm builds and releases in the heart centre and spreads throughout the whole system reaching up into the brain and travelling down to the sacrum  simultaneously, where it explodes, cascading an energy, that can only be described, in a term you might understand, like your champagne, golden and bubbly, (atoms) and this energy travels  along the spine spreading throughout the entire system. This experience catalyses out of body experiences, time travel and encounters with our higher dimensional selves, as well as higher realms and beings beyond the ninth.

As I have said, we do not give birth, but simply manifest through the void and arrive. We do not give birth and therefore we have no need of menstruation. This was part of the old earth and our relationship to your moon. We have no moon here and no planets that run linear time cycles. Neither do we have sperm in the way your males have in your existing world. Our males produce a substance which carries 7 - 10 strand dna activation codes, as well as his life force which enhances the life force of his beloved. Imagine a rush of golden white light spreading throughout her body filling her and surrounding her and a gentle ‘humming’ tone as you might hear on a tuning fork or a tibetan or crystal bowl. As this energy passes through her system and flows out into her field of energy it has become infused with her d.n.a (which hovers somewhere between  7 - 10  strand operational also) as well as taking on a rose coloured alchemical substance released through her orgasm. As she becomes enveloped in this he merges entirely with her, body, heart, mind, soul and spirit and together they rest in that space until it has fulfilled its purpose. It’s purpose is for the deeper bonding process that is part of an ongoing blending and merging  ‘re-union’ process, whereby their energies need to re-unify, as twin flames need to prepare for the next stage of the journey after aeons away from each other. These energy exchanges and d.n.a activation's and inter-weavings ensure that the way is prepared for a transmuting of a singular system to a dual system acting as singular, as one unit, One being. Two beings becoming One. Many circles are needed for this to take place fully before the One being is able to continue forward. From this point we share the rest of the journey back home to Source together as One, a perfected androgynous expression of a transcended, evolved consciousness.

Twin Flames

In between the fifth and ninth dimension we find ourselves in a place where we all reunite with our divine compliment. On your current earth, tens of thousands have awoken enough to want to be reunited with their twin flame, note this is different from a soul mate with whom you have many in the guise of lovers, brothers, mothers, sisters, best friends and fathers, as well as those with whom you struggle and suffer. We do not have soul mates  in our universe, we are all one, a collective. We do not have families as in your physical 3rd dimension ways. We are a global family, each connected. What is common in our realm are twin flame relationships. Most of us are in these at varying stages of the ‘blending’ process. Those of us who are not are the off planet teachers, councils and collectives who have become One and completed the blending process many spirals ago. These integrated ‘Oneness’ beings visit us to impart wisdom and assist us with transformation and eventually transition from ninth to higher dimensions.

With awareness and consciousness comes remembrance. There indeed exists in the fifth dimension our ‘other half’, our twin flame, that is where the divine compliment is to be found. Some of you have reunited with twin flames as you have reached 5th dimensional consciousness on your earth.

You will arrive in new universe together to begin the ‘blending’ process that is only possible as you begin to transcend the 5th dimension and rise higher, which cannot be done where you are on your earth as your universe is not positioned to transmit, and therefore your earth is not able to sustain, these higher light waves and frequencies.

Depending on where along the scale of 5th - 9th dimensional consciousness we are depends on how intricate or profound and how we express and experience the sexual union. In 5th dimensional consciousness we are still in touch with a physical aspect in terms of how we experience sexual energy and what that does. As we move through the levels, the physical dimension dissolves and we experience sexual energy and union in purely energetic terms.

There are no words in your human language that can be used to describe these experiences. They are beyond human comprehension. You have to be vibrating and operating on the 6th dimension to begin to grasp this as it is on this dimension that the shift of experience occurs and only by experiencing that can you begin to understand.


On our new earth we have animals, yet because there is no suffering in this place, there is no fear, so animals choose to cohabit with us to bring balance and experience peace. We do not eat animals as we have no need of food because we are sourced entirely by the new universal energy system that we are a part of. Because there is an absence of fear on new earth, there is no aggression, so all animals live in harmony with each other as they too are sourced by the new universal energy system. Our animals spend their time being stroked and massaged, groomed, played with, talked to, held and hugged. They love this and smile a lot. They are learning to communicate more skilfully through telepathy, sound and body language. They like to eat grass and shrubs and leaves. It is the star-crystal core that sources these preferred modes of joy for our animals so they too, transmute what they ingest and learn through the codes downloading into their consciousness. The energy of the ingested substances is also transmuted and used for their newly developing cognitive and communication skills.

Crystal Star Core

We absorb from the crystal droplets which pour into the meridians, glaciers and magnificent crystal tumbles, (a little like your waterfalls) and lakes of our dimension. This ‘crystal source’ arises from the centre of our new earth which has at its core an enormous crystal star. The influence of the great white sphere, (our version of your sun only ours is a pure light and vibrational source with an ongoing temperate climate radiance) upon this vast core star erodes minute droplets of crystals. Each crystal droplet holds enough to fill all the oceans on your existing earth. So on our new earth our core star-crystal energy supply is endless and it is purer than your current concept of pure. We use this crystal energy in the same way as you use your earth water. We use it to bathe, for sacred ceremony and for many other purposes. All living beings on our planet absorb this energy, we can ingest it through our mouths or we can stand before the crystal tumbles and simply absorb it through the pores of our naked skin, which is wonderful! This star energy is the life blood that connects us all. We do not need it to survive, but it greatly enhances our development for it washes through our systems, cleansing and transmuting and depositing  crystalline codes within our minds, and  alchemical crystalline star energy  into our brains and hearts, which enhance and expand our consciousness.

The new earth’s star-crystal core is like a highly developed and advanced transmitter, receiving and sending complex codes and information to and from the planets, star systems and galaxies of the new universe, which in turn receive theirs from beyond the ninth dimension and transmit back to our star-crystal core. Much of our development and ways of learning from those outer bodies comes through ingesting this crystalline star energy. We can go for long circles/spirals (we do not have your system of calendar days, weeks, months or years as we do not measure time in linear fashion) without absorbing this crystal star energy. However, we can also immerse ourselves in it for many circles, too.

Our Nature and Our Heavens

We have beautiful nature, great oceans, crystal tumbles, meridians all streaming with life, all sourced from the star-crystal core and universal energies from which we all thrive. Our main energy life source is an enormous sphere of white gold light that radiates rhythmic waves of energy. These waves of energy feel like the warm waves lapping on your shores, calming and tranquil. This stunning sphere gently turns and brings to us a ‘still-point’ which you might interpret as a night. The still-point is when we rest, reflect and connect very deeply with our universe. When we look out to the heavens, a beautiful great-star of intricate patterns radiates a gentle, silver light into the indigo hue of still-point. Many of us become creatively active during still-point through art to journeying to other dimensions, for there is an atmosphere of profound mystery. Specific symbolic codes that we each carry can only be activated by great-star when bathed in the soft silver of  great-star and the indigo hue of the still-point. It is usually in the white gold circle that we consolidate and communicate what becomes manifest in the silver/indigo circle. Great Star and Crystal Star Core are divine compliments. Many of the transmissions I spoke of earlier take place between these two immense beings. These are the two great transmitters of higher intelligence polarising our inner planetary core with outer universal intelligence. Our great white sphere is the divine compliment to our new earth.

Life on New Earth

On our earth we have no need of clocks, transport, food, drinks, (Because there is no food, there is no landfill or rubbish), medicines, supplements, therapies, suffering, emotions, death, birth. It is a place we visit and remain for as long as we choose. There is no war, politics, taxes, money or governments. We do not have jobs, there is no crime, we do not accrue karma. We live in beautiful dwellings that are designed by ourselves and crafted by and for each other. We all help each other. Our homes are powered by star-crystal core energy. We are a highly refined and aesthetic people and place great emphasis on our enjoyment of the creative arts. We are highly creative and make regular offerings of our expressions to each other to adorn our homes and environments. We have great halls of learning and magnificent structures where we hold meetings and celebrations. We do not have any systems of learning. We simply are drawn to those teachings or arenas of experience that we most gravitate toward that will best support our evolutionary needs. We impart and receive wisdom with an attitude of openness, gratitude and love. There are no ‘should’s’ or ‘’ought’s’ in our universe we are happy with the choices we make and are free to change our minds at will. Our universe and our earth are harmonious and balanced.

We are supported and guided by many councils of elders, usually from the higher dimensions (and a few from our universe). We have great respect and trust for these councils who hold our joyfulness and harmony as a priority. Love and Wisdom are the currency here. There is no separation. We all exercise free will and come and go at will. This is a wholly natural phenomenon for us. Our bodies appear physical and yet are not. We are not dense or solid to the touch. We are energetically fluid. We are able to design and redesign our preferred mode of expression for any given moment, some are human in appearance and many are not.

We are a unified world community, universal collective, each aware of our connectedness to each other and the universal realm we reside in and beyond. We are free to travel to other dimensions and offer our assistance to lower dimensional environments including your earth, which is what I am here doing, to let you know we exist and we are here to help advance and move others forward in their evolution and to invite others to re/bi-locate when ready. We help them to prepare, mainly by our quiet presence and sometimes in a more overt manner.

Eventually the old universe will empty out. Some will remain, for a while, living in substandard conditions with much of the light having left with those who have moved forward. Your earth will need to rest and recuperate as her future is decided by the higher dimensions. There is so much love and appreciation for her that great efforts and lengths are being gone to to find a way for Gaia continuing to exist. Firstly, she must empty out. When she is free of sentient beings, many higher dimensional beings will visit her to begin specific healing. Even though she will rebirth into the new universe, an old energetic imprint of her will remain in an old energetic imprint of the universe. It is yet to be decided as to whether this will be closed down completely or just to clear and dissolve old energetic residue in order to reopen this portal again at another point in time. But for a long while your old universe and Gaia will remain dormant.

New Universe. New Earth. How is it in our Dimension?

Gaia and her accompanying universe will birth into future universe. There is an entirely new system of heavenly bodies in our universe, which will include the higher expressions of your existing planets as well as many new, significant and higher influences. We do not have personal planetary maps and blueprints,(known as astrology on your earth) yet we are influenced by the universal system when it comes to auspicious guidance needed regarding circles and spirals, in relation to supporting our journeys from 5th to 9th dimensional consciousness.

Our universe exerts beneficent influences and casts an array of beautiful colours; golden, violet, saffron and magenta hues interspersed with the white/gold light of our great sphere and the silver of great star and the indigo of still-point.  Subtle vibrational sensory tones gently sound throughout our universe. We have vast colour spectrum zones which we visit for pleasure and sensory experience. Every colour that exists on your earth and many more that you are not familiar with can be found in these spectrums.

We do not have seasons, we have an ongoing temperate spiral, always remaining the same. I cannot describe it in your ‘heat’ terminology but can liken it to what you can imagine it feels like to be bathed in the softest and most exquisite white/gold's, violets, & saffron  and then in gentle silver/indigo and magenta. There is no future or past only the journey. We can journey to any place in our memory, including future existence's. We can travel to any moment of our evolutionary journey to either enhance our understanding or for pleasure! For example, to re-experience our once favourite food or drink although we are not able to ingest much of lower vibrational substances as this will immediately bring us out of the memory and into our present universe consciousness as our highly refined systems are not equipped to take lower vibrations into them. Equally exposing ourselves to any frequencies beyond ninth dimensional will bring us back to our current consciousness.

For me to be here in your universe and on your earth comes with a price, for I suffer physically, many obscure and uncomfortable physical states. One example is that to sustain being in your dimension I must eat every four hours as it takes an enormous amount of energy for me to be here. I am constantly tired and allergic to nearly everything here apart from the nature. I am unable to lay down without becoming very dizzy and suffer dizziness even during some of your time known as ‘day’. This seems due to trying to manifest more of my multi-dimenensionality onto your earth which, from a vibratory perspective, is at odds with the lower vibration of your earth and universe. Even your sun and wind are too much for me and I have to shelter from them. I am not used to the harshness of the light on your earth or the force of the winds, the continual changes in temperature, especially the cold, the damp, and the falling waters from the sky. The colours in the area you refer to as the UK are limited. By day, mainly grey, off whites, rarely blue and yellow. Your nights appear to me as black, save for your moon when she is someway into waxing or just waning. I am unable to eat or drink most of the processed foods without becoming ill and am hypersensitive to any scents or odours that are synthetic, becoming instantly ill if I encounter them. The list goes on and on!!

On new earth we spend our time; learning, teaching, growing, evolving, playing, merging, journeying, enjoying, supporting, blending, guiding, reflecting, creating, loving, connecting, developing, transforming, becoming, refining, re-unifying, embodying, transmuting and preparing, all as part of our eventual return to Home.

Overall, we are a people, a planet, a universe of Love. We are sensory beings - filtering all experiences through our energy fields. We process everything through feeling. All information is received, assimilated and assessed in this way. All choices and decision making comes through Sensory Field Perception. Our minds are secondary process receptors, used specifically for structuring and organising. A portion of our brain is active in a way that yours are not.  This part of our brain acts as a transmitter and indeed has a crystallised centre in this area. It is through this crystalline portion that we receive and interpret the primary transmissions from Great Star and Crystal Star Core. All crystal star energy ingested by us is processed and interpreted through this crystalline section of our brain. The advanced systems in place in our universe are possible because of the crystalline connections between us, our earth and our universe.   We are the bridge between the realms of lower consciousness and super-consciouness. We are an advanced and highly sensitised civilisation. We are living multidimensional realities, aligning with our multidimensionality  and with those beings who reside in each of the multi-dimensions we frequent. We are influenced by races, species and existences that are highly advanced and beyond 3rd dimensional comprehension to merit explanation here.

I invite each and everyone of you to raise your consciousness, your vibration. To raise your sights to what awaits you beyond your 3rd dimensional reality. You have all the tools and helpers you now need to assist and support you to 5th dimensional consciousness - when you are there, I, and others like me, shall meet you to guide you to the new earth and universe where you can continue your journey. As you journey through the void to new universe you leave behind suffering for good and enter a new state of being where the greatest influence for growth is Love.

Kinesiologie und Astrologie - Manuela Harrison - Burgenland / Wien- E-Mail: info@astrologie-kinesiologie.at